Friday, March 9, 2012

Cafe on the Avenue, Crystal River, Florida

OMG!  I felt like I was in heaven when I walked into this beautifully decorated, lovely oasis in a small, old town on the west coast of Florida.  I ordered the French Connection, which was a super tender roast beef and brie on a croissant.  It came with (gasp!) a spiced apple slice and a cute little scoop of potato salad.  I had not seen a garnish like this in Florida before and I was so happy to see it!  I had spent a week in this town, searching for decent food and did not find any until I went to this Cafe.  They also had a beautiful tray of desserts available, and alas, I did not have time to try one!  Next time, for sure!  Every detail of this cafe is lovely and amazing.  Located on Citrus Avenue in the historic section of Crystal River near the corner of U.S. 19, right next to a string of lovely shops.  Loved it!

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