Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Manolo's Mediterranean Bistro, Tarpon Springs, FL

Manolo's Mediterranean Bistro on Urbanspoon I wanted so bad to really love this place, but I just didn't. The waiter had too much "swagger" and a macho attitude. He acted like he was doing us a very large favor by waiting on us. The food was o.k, but nothing really special. I had a chicken dish, which was basically Chicken Marsala, but they called it something else. It was pretty expensive, too. The place was extremely small with a somewhat suffocating atmosphere. The menu was very limited. We asked for a cappucino to go and they said they did not have any "to go" cups. It is located in a scary part of town at night, with pretty messed up looking people wandering the streets and the traffic is horrendous. Sorry!

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